Take Time to Indulge in You

We spend a lot of time, effort, and attention focusing on loved ones in many ways. Oftentimes, we give our best to others and leave ourselves for last. It’s so easy to do and may become a habit not realized until it’s too late. This “burnout” can show itself mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

So, while taking care of other people and tasks, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Because we can’t fully tend to others if we, ourselves, aren’t well.


Practice All Kinds of Self-Care

There are so many ways you can show yourself some love. Here are just a few of the ones that we find incredibly nourishing.

Gift Yourself Something Special

Self-care can sometimes come down to just treating ourselves with the occasional gift. We give lots to others, so why not be our own recipient now and then? Self-care, after all, comes in many forms that are essential to treat the whole person. 

Meditate and Spend Time Outdoors

While meditation or prayer are known to help eliminate stress and increase a sense of peace and presence, another of the best ways to sustain the mind, emotions, spirit, and physical body is to also spend time outdoors among fresh air and natural beauty. 

Bond with Family and Friends

We are built for human connection, so spending time with friends or family in social settings (also outdoors) can be wonderfully satisfying. And talking with a trusted friend can be an especially effective way to nourish you both. Even attending therapy with a good professional helps.

Find Something You Love, and Do It

Participating in hobbies, creating art, learning new things, and volunteering are also helpful for reducing anxiety and tension. And companion animals/pets, we know, are remarkable for decreasing stress and increasing joy!  


Be Lavishly Healthy

Maintaining healthy habits is one of the most important things we can do. After all, if we aren’t healthy and strong, we won’t feel like indulging! And being healthy can feel decadent if we do it right. 

Rest Well

Plenty of restful sleep may be had with high-thread-count sheets, a soft pillowcase, and a supple comforter. When your body needs a nap, indulge in a nap. Or perhaps just a restful few moments on your favorite chair, by your favorite window, with your favorite skincare mask and essential oil diffuser.

Hydration… We Can’t Say it Enough

And staying hydrated is easier when the water is delicious. We’re fond of mineral, sparkling, seltzer, fruit, and cucumber waters enjoyed in one of our favorite pieces of glassware or designer water bottles.

Nutritional Delicacies

Healthy food can also be indulgent. Learning new recipes, hiring a personal chef or nutritionist, or even eating at excellent restaurants where food is prepared by talented chefs in a wholesome, respectful way can make eating healthfully one of the best ways to treat ourselves!

Make Your Workout Routine Luxurious

Even exercise may be luxurious with great workout apparel, gear, and equipment. While a favorite routine or sport in a good facility can encourage exercise, going outdoors provides extra replenishment. Practicing yoga, biking, sailing or kayaking, golfing, jogging, and hiking are among the many ways to stay fit outside. 


Have a Spa Day at Home with Indulgent Skin Care

As always, treating ourselves to amazing skin care is the ideal way to self-care. There is simply nothing like a spa treatment in the comfort of home or at the salon. A complete spa experience will include full body care, relaxation, steam, cleansing treatments, and targeted hydration. A tightening and firming finish at the end of your home spa will give beautiful results. 

And it’s nice to think—we can have a regular daily mini-spa experience by simply using indulgent skin care with each regimen. 


Invest in Yourself with Quality Skincare

Know what works best for your skin type and its necessities and spend the time to really care for your skin with the right formulas. This is a way to truly invest in yourself and practice the ultimate form of self-care. There are many products out there, but it’s important to select the most effective skincare for your money. This is where quality skincare comes in. Dermsilk's collection features higher concentrations of ingredients that are targeted to specific concerns and approved by the FDA. This type of skincare is made differently and will give you the best results.


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