Top 7 Collagen Skincare Products that Actually Work

There are an abundance of collagen items on the market these days and sorting through them all can be a challenge. We’re even seeing a steady stream of new products appear that claim anti-aging benefits. Through all of this, we know how important it is to understand what truly works before investing your time and money into a collagen product. Here is our expert take on the best collagen skincare offered and recommended by professionals.


How Collagen Skincare Works

What is collagen and why do we need it? 


Collagen is the protein that aids our body’s largest organ—skin—in serving its main purpose, which is to protect our entire body. Along with elastin, it’s needed to strengthen and support skin’s elasticity. Without it, skin becomes loose and prone to signs of aging.


Scientific evidence has shown that the right topical skincare ingredients work to support and stimulate collagen renewal, and also help skin to retain existing collagen. 


The Best Collagen Skincare

The numerous edible collagen products currently available may boast anti-aging benefits, but there is no scientific evidence to verify such claims. Collagen-boosting topical treatments, however, are proven to work.


Along with those that fortify and increase collagen and elastin production, the most effective skincare will also contain conditioning ingredients. Naturals like argan and jojoba oils and root and chamomile extracts pair perfectly with potent vitamin A derivatives to balance and soothe skin that is being renewed.


And collagen-intensive treatments may be found in serums and creams for the entire face, including some that are specific to the eye and lip areas, the neck and chest, and the entire body. After all, we tend to need tightening beyond the facial area as we age.


The TRUE Top Collagen Products for Your Skin

We can actually help our to skin renew its own collagen—and that’s news we’re all happy to hear! Below is our list of the most effective collagen skincare products on the market. 


  • With visible results beginning in as little as two weeks, SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum features an amazing growth factor blend technology to increase collagen production. The product includes a second formula of natural components including green microalgae, French flax seed, and marine extract to provide support and conditioning.

  • Neocutis NEO FIRM Neck & Décolleté Tightening Cream works to tighten and smooth oft-neglected areas with proprietary peptides, beet root extract, glycolic acid, vitamin C, wild yam root extract, and natural oils. The combination of ingredients helps to contour while brightening skin on the neck, collarbone, and chest.

  • Neocutis NOUVELLE+ Retinol Correction Cream – With technology that is safe and effective, this controlled-release retinol reduces fine lines and wrinkles while fading sun spots and discolorations.

  • The Neocutis LUMIERE Firm and BIO SERUM Firm  set includes an Illuminating and Tightening Eye Cream and a peptide-rich treatment containing growth factors that improve skin’s collagen to increase firmness and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. When used together, the result is a smoother, firmer, and brighter eye area in as quickly as two weeks.

  • SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex features the highest concentration of patented TNS technology, which contains important growth factors, collagen, cytokines, antioxidants, and other proteins that serve to renew skin. It’s great for all skin types and works to improve skin tone for taut, supple results.

  • iS Clinical GeneXC Serum contains a powerful blend of 20% vitamin C and extremozymes (enzymes that exist in organisms living in extreme environmental situations like dry, harsh climates). iS Clinical has produced technology to harness these kinds of enzymes for use in skincare, providing amazing protection and results. GeneXC Serum brightens, hydrates, and improves elasticity while also protecting the skin.

  • Neocutis NEO BODY Restorative Body Cream  – Since our bodies need the same care we give to our face and neck areas, Neocutis brings it’s firming proprietary peptide technology in a delicious cream that delivers elasticity and smoothness all over. Ceramides and salicylic acid work to heal dryness and symptoms of keratosis pilaris at the same time. Skin feels softer and firmer after use.

Why We Need Dermsilk's Quality Skincare

It’s simple. Skincare that has been authentically produced, clinically tested, and has received FDA approval has proven technology. These are the products used by specialists such as estheticians and dermatologists in the professional beauty industry. Quality collagen skincare products are allowed to contain higher and more pure concentrations of ingredients. They are also allowed to penetrate the dermis on a deeper level. This enables them to truly tighten and improve skin tone and texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Incorporate Collagen into Your Regimen

It’s easy to include collagen-enhancing formulas into a twice-daily skincare routine. Products with vitamin C (which supports collagen production) are best applied in the a.m. if used in combination with vitamin A. All types of vitamin A must be used in the evening, and remember that daily sunscreen is especially important to include in your routine as well. 


Protein-boosting peptides in serums and moisturizers are also effective and great for use in the morning and/or evening and in combination with other products. 


So while you may want to avoid the collagen edibles, don’t shy away from collagen when it comes to your skincare routine. Wonderfully, there are options available for all skin types. Pick your ingredients, invest in your skin, and enjoy the visible results!


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