Skincare for Men in their 40’s and 50’s

They say that with age comes wisdom. This may be true, but age also brings with it some experiences that many find a bit undesirable. Experiences like graying hair, deepening wrinkles, and loosening, dryer, more sensitive skin. While we can’t completely halt the natural signs of aging, we can do many things to age more gracefully and reduce the severity of these signs of aging.


Hormonal Shifts and Aging

Most dermatologists recommend considering some targeted, quality skincare products while we’re in our 30’s (though we would argue that beginning in your 20’s is even better). So when we hit our 40’s, it would stand to reason that we should be taking skincare even more seriously. But why?


Both men and women experience hormonal shifts in their 40’s that have some significant effects on their skin. Facial structure, skin elasticity, coloration, wrinkles, dryness, age spots, sensitivity, thinning, sagging – all of these external signals are something we may expect, but something that most of us still find unpleasant. Some of these are also exacerbated by our time in the sun and exposure to the elements and pollution. It is said that our skin’s recovery rate also declines by two times its effectiveness from when we were in our 20’s, which means that we heal more slowly.

Reaching 40 isn’t an insignificant milestone; many men consider this the perfect chance to reframe their lives for the better, which includes investing in themselves more. Though the outward effects of aging may seem like a daunting list to address, with a targeted,  quality skincare routine you’ll be able to minimize the natural effects of aging, keeping your complexion healthy and glowing well into your 40’s and 50’s.



Skin Care Essentials for Everyone

Many of us are well aware that our skincare routine and how we treat our faces are really important. The skincare we use – or don't use – regularly can have a significant impact on how our skin looks and feels today and in the future. Still, many of us fall into the trap of believing our skin is indestructible; those of us who aren't prone to acne or other blemishes may believe we can get away without taking care of our faces every day. Similarly, those of us who do not yet have wrinkles or fine lines may believe we do not need to use an anti-aging serum or use SPF to protect our skin. The truth is, you'll need some basic skincare essentials. So what is the men's best skincare? Let's dive right in.


Best Skincare For Men

  •   Cleanser - Cleansing the face morning and night to remove the oil, debris, and dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin's surface is an important part of any skincare routine, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. This procedure is essential for your skin's health for two reasons. First, it aids in the opening of pores and keeps skin looking fresh and healthy. Second, it allows the other products to permeate the skin more effectively.


  •   Face Serum - Serum is a skincare product that you can use after cleansing and before applying moisturizer to your skin. Because serums are made up of tiny molecules that may penetrate deeply into the skin, they can deliver a high concentration of active substances directly into the skin. They are used for targeting specific skin care issues like acne, fine lines, enlarged pores, and wrinkles. Serums are a best-seller when it comes to skin care products due to their exceptionally high concentrations of effective ingredients. Some serums are used before bed as a PM treatment due to how they react to the sun, and some are designated for a morning AM treatment. 


  •    A mild face cream - It's critical to moisturize your skin both during the day and at night to ensure that it retains moisture. If your skin is dehydrated, it might appear dull and weary. All you need is a pea-sized amount of a quality moisturizer, which you can gently massage into your skin by dabbing on your cheeks, neck, forehead, and chin. Depending on your skin type, you could also benefit from applying your moisturizer multiple times a day.


  •     Exfoliator - Exfoliating, or the removal of dead skin cells, is also an important step in skin care for men, though to varying degrees. Exfoliatiors are often scrubbed hard into the skin, which is actually not the proper way to use them. They should be applied gently in circular motions to remove impurities without irritating your skin. How often you use an exfoliator and what ingredients will best suit you do depend on your skin type, so consider asking our on-staff cosmetic expert if you’re not sure of the best exfoliator for your unique skin.


  •   Eye cream - Men in their 40s, 50s, and beyond are encouraged to use products such as eye creams. This is the period for you to start considering your eyes, as they are likely showing signs of aging. Use a decent multipurpose eye cream once or twice daily. The best eye creams are those that combat all signs of aging, including dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines.


Your skincare routine can last for as long as you desire but it should be adaptable and easy to incorporate into your every day life. It is really quite simple to spend just 10 minutes per day investing in your skin with the right products. A few simple, proven skincare items will offer the most effective results, and you can choose your own private essentials based on your skin type, age, and even the environment around you. Beginning a skincare regime today… because your skin (and you) are worth luxury care.

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