Skincare Authenticity – What Does it Mean?
Sep 2021


Skincare Authenticity – What Does it Mean?

While perusing our catalog of products this week on a new browser, we discovered a feature that automatically searched the web for better deals on the same product. The first result? A huge worldwide distributor of discount products that was selling a premium Skinmedica product at about half the price of authorized distributors.

We were surprised… but not really.

The truth is that these premium brands are constantly fighting the unauthorized distribution of fake and fraudulent products that use their name. But this fight is is a giant game of whack-a-mole, as each time an independent seller gets shut down, a new one replaces them.

So that led us here, to this blog post, where we want to dive into this topic to provide you with more clarity about these skincare brands, and how to ensure you are buying authentic products that are actually manufactured by the brand itself, rather than by fraudulent producers.

What Authentic Skincare Means

Authentic skincare means that the product itself was manufactured by the actual brand on the label. Pretty simple, really. These brands may choose to either sell directly to the consumer or to sell to authorized retailers through their distribution channels. Top-selling, luxury skincare brands like Skinmedica, iS Clinical, Obagi, Neocutis, and EltaMD choose to sell to authorized distributors of their choosing. This means that you would buy the product not from the manufacturer themself, by from their list of distributors and dealers.

Dermsilk is one of those distributors.

We know it’s tempting!

Premium-grade skincare products are more expensive than drugstore brands, so we thoroughly understand the appeal when you see a premium brand name with a much lower price tag. It is only natural to search for the best price on an item you are researching.

The temptation is there, but the actual product is not really there – it’s a fake. So you are not comparing apples to apples, or in this case, a premium, renowned, trusted, quality, and proven brand with a premium, renowned, trusted… well, you get the picture.

They are not in the same category and, therefore, cannot be compared.

How to Know if Skincare is Authentic

There are a few key tips to keep in mind when shopping for genuine skincare products:

  • Be wary of independent sellers – Watch out for big-box online stores that allow for independent sellers on their platform. Individuals are never authorized distributors for these kinds of skincare products, so they are likely to sell fraudulent, watered-down, or used products.
  • Avoid discount stores – It doesn't make sense for brand names to sell their premium products at discount stores. This means that if you see it there, they are almost always fraudulent products; especially when shopping online.
  • Watch the price – While authorized retailers may discount items with promo codes, brands have an MSRP price that their distributors must list each product for on their website. So if you see a price that is shockingly low, that should be a red flag that it is fake.

The Continuous Struggle for Brand Standards

As you know if you have ever used one of the aforementioned top-selling skincare brands, the quality of the product is unmatched. The formula was meticulously developed, clinically tested, received FDA approval, and was proven to do what it says it does with rich, fast results.

But when an individual or business decides to steal the brand name and create an artificial substitute in its place, you are losing all of the protection that comes from authenticity.

  • Proven results
  • Clinically tested
  • Genuine manufacturing
  • Claim confirmation
  • Safety for your skin
  • … and the list goes on

When someone buys cheap fakes, all of these guarantees are lost.

That is why buying authentic is critical when it comes to taking care of our skin. Don’t risk not only throwing away money into a fake product but the health and protection of your skin by using a product that is untested and has not proven its claims.

Choose skincare from an authorized dealer with an authenticity guarantee.

Choose skincare from Dermsilk.


  • 19 Sep 2021 Lilliana

    Wow, we really have to be diligent. I have absolutely done this… gone budget and expected miracle skincare results. Of course, it didn’t provide them, but I had hoped at the time. I’ve graduated from making bad skincare decisions and am ONLY going with authentic and medical grade options now. I am a big proponent of the Skinmedica line, have been using it for several years, and highly recommend it to everyone who comments on the fact that I look younger than I am; I am in my 40s and often get told I look like I am in my 30s still.

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