Prepping Your Skin for the New Year: The Best Skincare Routine for 2022
Jan 2022


Prepping Your Skin for the New Year: The Best Skincare Routine for 2022

The new year is officially here, with it comes the opportunity to begin anew. Embracing new beauty routines can make us feel like we are ready to take on the new year and the world. It could be just what we need to move forward feeling beautiful and confident. 

Make a 2022 new year's resolution to take the best care of yourself in every and any way possible. Adding a new skincare routine or an emerging skincare product in 2022 just might be one of the easiest resolutions you can include on your list.

Just 10 minutes a day and, with the right products, you will see results before February. We have some excellent skincare recommendations that will help you feel, and look your best—and these resolutions are attainable. 

Emerging Trends in the Best Skincare for 2022 

2021 had more than its share of unique challenges, especially for our skin. From wearing masks to excessive screen time, our faces could use a little extra love and care. As we head into 2022, adding protective products that deeply nourish and protect our skin is essential, especially if we continue to wear masks and spend a lot of time in front of computers. 

Blue Light Protection 

We are all aware of the need to protect our skin from UV (ultraviolet). But how many of us are aware of bluelight? Blue light is the light emitted from digital devices. While it’s not damaging in the same way UV light is, it can damage the skin and contribute to aging through a process called reactive oxygen species (ROS). 

The good news: there are more and more products coming onto the scene that we can add to our routines to protect and nourish our skin from the damaging effects of blue light.

SkinMedica LUMIVIVE System is a powerful two-step system loaded with antioxidants that are designed to combat blue light and pollution. The daytime serum protects and the nighttime serum rejuvenates.

What to Wear Under Your Mask 

Masks, while helpful, can be made of materials that irritate the skin or may press or rub on skin and cause problems. Care for your skin with a system of skincare products that help nourish and rehabilitate skin that feels rough and dry from daily mask-wearing.

A perfect choice is  Obagi Nu-Derm Fx Normal to Oily or the Normal to Dry Starter System, using products designed to work together not only helps to protect and moisturize your skin barrier; these products help retain moisture, especially important when you consider the effects of mask-wearing. 

Look for Vitamin E to Steal the Show 

We have long known about the healing properties of vitamin E. As an antioxidant, it protects the body's tissues from free radicals, and we are about to see it reemerge in 2022 as one of the best skincare ingredients

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is excellent for dry skin, and when combined with vitamin C can shield your skin from environmental damage and premature aging; it’s also a strong anti-inflammatory that soothes and calms irritated skin. 

SkinMedica Vitamin C+E Complex does just that; this formula releases both C and E to improve skin tone and texture and the antioxidant properties protect your precious skin all day long.

In 2022 “Less is More”—The New Normal

This new year—more than any other new year in recent memory—will be the year we embrace new holistic and simple routines that will make us feel renewed, revived, and ready to take on 2022.

This next year is the year we take a step back from skincare products that over-exfoliate and other treatments that can be overly aggressive, and that potentially do more harm than good. New skincare trends will be minimalistic, and holistic, with people using the bare necessities and picking products custom-designed for their skin’s unique needs. All the more reason to choose specially-formulated and FDA-approved skincare solutions.  

SkinMedica Everyday Essentials System is a professional-grade system of products that takes the guesswork out of what we need for more youthful-looking skin. This kit has a serum, a hydrator, sunscreen, and retinol, all the items that make up a basic skincare regime. They are designed to work together so we can keep our routines simple and effective without overdoing it with extra products and treatments.

Welcome the New Year With Attainable Resolutions 

2021 has come to an end, and we have happily said goodbye to many things. Let’s move into the future saying hello to new skincare resolutions that make us feel nourished, cared for, confident, and beautiful in our own skin. It is truly one of the easiest resolutions to keep, and one that provides the fastest value for the time you invest.

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