Mushrooms and Skincare? Seriously?
Feb 2022


Mushrooms and Skincare? Seriously?

Mushroom mania or fungi frenzy, take your pick and call it what you will—these medicinal herbs have recently taken center stage in the health and skincare industries. And, with tremendous benefits when used internally (think mushroom teas and tonics) or externally, (think mushroom skincare products) it’s no wonder we are touting the brilliant effects of this elusive and secluded woodland creature.

Mushrooms are not new to health and wellness trends; they have been incorporated in the healing arts for centuries. For a deeper understanding of the mushroom’s health merits and its vast appeal, let’s dig right into fungi facts.

The Mighty Mushroom 

The power of the mushroom is that it’s an adaptogen, which means that it is a plant substance (frequently an herb) that helps us manage our stress and helps us to remain balanced or in a state of homeostasis. Mushrooms aren’t a cure or solution, but rather they augment our ability to build up defenses against stress. 

Mushrooms have a multitude of health benefits when taken internally: 

  • Shiitake and crimini mushrooms are high in zinc, an essential nutrient that helps support our immune system and ensures optimum growth in babies and children. 
  • When raised with exposure to sunlight, mushrooms form higher concentrations of vitamin D and are one of a few non-animal sources of this essential nutrient. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, helps build and maintain strong bones. 
  • As a rich source of potassium, mushrooms can lower the harmful effect sodium can have on your body. And potassium can also lower blood pressure by lessening tension in blood vessels. 
  • Mushrooms have an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate white blood cells (macrophages) in the immune system, enhancing its defense against serious illness. 

Adding mushrooms to your diet is an excellent (and easy) way to take advantage of the valuable health benefits this adaptogen offers, but how do they work topically in mushroom skincare formulas?

How Mushrooms Work in Skincare

To take full advantage of the healing, restorative and protective properties of mushrooms in skincare formulas, powerful ingredients are extracted from mushrooms and then added to products to maximize their benefits. 

There are DIY mushroom masks, lotions, and tonics, but you can create more harm than good for your skin if you aren’t careful. The best way to incorporate miraculous mushrooms into your skincare routine is to choose high-quality physician-grade products. 

What’s wonderful about using formulated skincare products with mushrooms—especially quality formulas with higher concentrations of active ingredients—is that you can be assured you are getting the appropriate (and safe) levels of key extracts. 

Mushrooms for Skincare

Mushroom Extract Skincare Benefits 

When used topically, mushroom skincare products can: 

  • Neutralize free radicals, which slows down the aging process and helps even-out skin tone.
  • Promote anti-inflammatory and antioxidant processes which soothe, heal and regenerate skin. 
  • Support and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier. 
  • Brighten and lighten skin and minimize dark spots and scars. 

Mushrooms have been used for eons in health and wellness, but new research continues to amaze and surprise us about its benefits, especially in skincare. As we learn about their superior rejuvenating properties, you’ll see a broader range of skincare products made with mushroom extracts. 

Mushrooms for Skin Renewal and Vitality

The mushrooms that are used in skincare products that promote anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties are:

    • Shiitake Mushrooms- contain high levels of kojic acid, which is effective in brightening and evening out skin tone, and fading hyperpigmentation and dark spots. 
    • Snow Mushrooms- (Tremella Fuciformis) increases hydration and plumps up the skin and is often compared to hyaluronic acid in its effectiveness. 
  • Reishi Mushrooms- assist in strengthening skin barrier function, soothe inflammation and redness, and have excellent anti-aging benefits. 
  • Cordyceps Mushrooms- known for boosting stamina and energy; this powerhouse hydrates skin, stimulates collagen and elastin production and soothes inflammatory skin conditions. 
  • A top-selling physician-grade skincare Dermsilk product that features shiitake mushroom extract is Skinmedica Neck Correct Cream. The addition of the extract with its high levels of kojic acid brightens skin tone and diminishes dark spots. 

    Why Not Add Mushrooms to Your Skincare Routine? 

    Mushrooms, as an adaptogen, are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and powerful antioxidants; there’s no doubt of the fantastic benefits of fungi in skincare products.

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