Best Skincare Advice for 2022
Oct 2021


Best Skincare Advice for 2022

Many people don’t begin a skincare regime until after they begin to see signs of aging. This often occurs in our 30’s, which means we’ve had three decades of sun, wind, pollution, product, and other exposures that have been slowly aging us.

Up until this point, many of us feel invincible. Until that one morning when we peer into the mirror and discover that we suddenly look older. Of course, aging is a completely natural and beautiful process. But waking up that morning we realize that we wish we had taken action to age more gracefully, sooner. We wish we had invested in the health and appearance of our skin.

That way we wouldn’t be playing offense against the damage indicators after the damage has already been done. We would be protecting our skin against this harm and, instead, nourishing it deeply to slow down the signs of worn skin before they become visible.

This is all to say that, although there are some miracle-worthy, proven medical-grade skincare products to target these issues with pretty amazing results, the best skincare advice for 2022 is this: start caring for your skin today.

Moisturize Often

Moisturizing is, arguably, the most important skincare tip to follow up with. This incredibly simple practice soothes irritation, protects against many external forces, and keeps your skin tight and supple. 

A proper moisturizer can prevent aging by guarding your skin’s natural regeneration process and, when a quality moisturizer is involved, promote your skin’s ability to rebuild collagen ( one of the most important building blocks of the skin).

In addition to the anti-aging properties of moisturizers, they also soothe and refresh dry and irritated skin. This may be a more obvious application, but remember that for those with chronic dry skin and eczema, dry skin also comes with a lot of irritation, itching, and sometimes pain. Relieve the skin of these challenges with a deeply moisturizing night cream and a morning face moisturizer when dealing with exceptionally dry skin.

Take Special Care of Delicate Areas

The skin around our eyes, our necks, and our hands are particularly sensitive to the signs of aging. This is because our skin here is thinner than elsewhere, making it more fragile and susceptible to damage. To prevent premature aging of these sensitive areas, incorporate a targeted cream or serum specifically designed for those areas. And don’t be afraid to use your face or eye serum on your hands and neck; they share similar properties, so these products will help various parts of your body.

A really common question people ask is whether they actually need to buy an eye cream, or if their daily face cream is good enough. And while this may depend on the efficacy of the specific brand and product being used, in general, it is always better to include a product that was manufactured with the specific intention of caring for our more delicate skin.

Don’t Forget Skincare for your Hands and Arms

How many of you focus your skincare routine primarily on your face? Our hands went up! Well, at least that’s how we used to handle our skincare routine. 

The sad truth about skincare is that, because we pay such close attention to our facial skincare, we tend to neglect other important body parts that truly deserve the same investment and dedication. A major aging point for adults is actually connected to their hands and arms and it is especially noticeable at the creases of the elbow and wrist.

Our skin naturally loses elasticity as we age, but we can combat this with optimized skincare for your entire body. The body collection will keep your skin moisturized all over, which will help prevent the signs of aging (including wrinkles, lackluster skin tone, and skin that is sagging) and will replenish quenched skin for a look and feel of vitality.


You're Worth It

We understand that there is no shortage of skincare information out there; the web is packed with articles and products that claim to help with these (and other) skin issues. Remember, that while just taking general care of your skin with moisturizer and serums will help, the only real way to target specific skin problems is by using an effectiveness-proven product. The only skincare that meets these strict standards is quality skincare, including brands such as Neocutis, Skinmedica, EltaMD, iS Clinical, and Obagi.

So when choosing the best 2022 skincare products, respect the fact that you deserve real skincare that actually works – you deserve truly regenerative skincare.


  • 16 Oct 2021 Mal

    I 100% agree with this skincare advice! I am 33 and my skin is starting to show signs of aging, especially around my elbow creases and wrists. I wish I was told to start a routine in my 20s when I felt like I didn’t need it! But I am doing it now, and I can actually see a difference (amazing moisturizer for the WIN). Start today, people! Everyone deserves to feel GREAT in their skin and taking care of it is the perfect 1st step to that!

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