Beauty Heroes: The Best Skincare Products, Bar None
Mar 2022


Beauty Heroes: The Best Skincare Products, Bar None

We are passionate about skincare, and we enjoy sharing our knowledge about skincare with you. We strive to offer the best skincare products, advice, and information that educates, inspires, and brings added value to your life. And, we love helping you discover new skincare products and sharing how they can benefit you and guide you towards being the best version of yourself. 

We’d like to introduce you to a trio of top-performing beauty products that we refer to as Beauty Heroes, and share with you what makes them the best skincare products, bar none.

What Makes a Skincare Product a Beauty Hero?

The products we are sharing with you are unique, potent, and proven skincare treatments that are making a big splash because of advanced innovations and discoveries in skincare science. 

Each beauty hero in this list has a high concentration of active ingredients (higher than their OTC counterparts), is backed by clinical trials with proven results, and has FDA approval. Here’s more information on why you should always choose quality Dermsilk skincare products over drugstore brands. 

The Proven Power of Next Generation Skincare Treatments 

SkinMedica has made powerful advancements in its skincare treatments with the addition of next-generation growth factors that are supported by a highly active blend of botanicals, marine extracts, and peptides. In addition, Skinmedica products have been rigorously tested for efficacy. 

SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum with next-generation growth factors has proven findings that its advanced formula addresses the issue of sagging skin. Other benefits of this serum are diminished lines and wrinkles and enhanced skin tone and texture. 

Here are the results from the clinical trials:

  • Patients remarked that they saw results in 2 weeks.
  • Within 8 weeks, trial participants had significant improvement in the appearance of sagging skin and felt continued enhancement over a 24 week period.
  • A validated psychometric scale revealed candidates felt this was the best way to look 6 years younger after just 12 weeks of use. 

SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum is a proven skincare product that is restorative and rejuvenating, with documented results that support its efficacy—and that’s what makes it a beauty hero.

A Potent (and Unique) Eye Treatment 

The delicate eye area requires special treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness that is effective, gentle, and safe to use. Neocutis LUMIERE Firm and BIO SERUM Firm Set is a unique pair of products with exceptional ingredients. Caffeine diminishes under-eye puffiness, hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates, growth factors erase fine lines and deep wrinkles and proprietary peptides stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Also, a new ingredient, Kakadu Plum Extract. This extract is an Australian super-fruit that has a high concentration of vitamin C that evens out skin tones and helps diminish flushing. 

Clinical trial results:

  • In as few as 6 days, patients saw improvements in hydration, firmness, elasticity, and brightened skin tones. 
  • Improvement continuing at week 8. 
  • Texture improves as much as 94%.
  • Brightness as much as 92%.
  • Smoothness to an impressive 88%.
  • And fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth improved 77%.

Neocutis LUMIERE Firm and BIO SERUM Firm have some amazing results from clinical trials. The only way you know if the ingredients in your skincare products are effective is if they are authentic, quality products that have undergone testing such as this. You deserve to know that the claims skincare brands make about their products are well-founded and valid.

Powerful Protection with Extremozymes

A cutting-edge and innovative ingredient that is used in iS Clinical advanced skincare is a class called extremozymes. These powerful plant-based enzymes protect skin cells from further damage, using ingredients derived from plants that withstand the harshest environments. iS Clinical GeneXC Serum has  L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and botanically sourced enzymes, antioxidants, and fruit acids that work harmoniously to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone resulting in a more youthful-looking complexion. 

Results from clinical trials:

  • Proven to help protect, revitalize, and enhance the foundation of healthy skin.
  • Supports multi-level protection and long-term visual improvements.

Additional benefits:

  • Supports collagen and elastin production.
  • Provides antioxidant protection.
  • Promotes cellular regeneration and metabolism. 

Knowing that new and innovative ingredients like extremozymes are FDA approved and have proven results through testing gives us the confidence to give them a go—because of this iS Clinical GeneX Serum, is a true beauty hero that offers proven and powerful protection for your skin.

Beauty Heroes Really Are the Best Skincare Products

We hope you appreciated learning about these beauty heroes and what makes them excellent skincare products as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you. Information and education about how best to care for our skin can be helpful and inspirational, motivating us to make positive changes for the better. And what many of us are looking for, they are a great way to help us look younger, healing damage from the sun, air, and pollution around us. You can find a curated list of some of the best skincare tips right here in our blog.

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